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Thrive! - 10 Signed Copies + Bonus

Thrive! - 10 Signed Copies + Bonus


Get 10 signed copies to share with friends and family and you'll get a free 1 hour online or in person* consult with Dr Venning including comprehensive Health Risk Assessment.

In Thrive! you'll discover:

  • The 4 Myths of Sickcare
  • The 4 Foundations of Vitality
  • How to Live a Vitalistic Lifestyle

Only for those who want to be healthy.

What’s your potential? How much of it are you sacrificing everyday for the sake of the status quo? For the sake of ‘comfort’? Living a life of average proportions is not comfortable, it’s painful but invariably it’s a pain you have learned to live with because you thought there was no alternative.

The essence of THRIVE! is to help you to live a life bursting with energy. The idea is to help you to look good naked, move with freedom, balance moods, boost energy, connect with your purpose in life, raise healthier kids, get fit for life, lose that middle age spread and do it all while having a blast!

You are born with the potential to live an extraordinary life, to be fulfilled and to contribute to the evolution of mankind. More than ever, that pool of potential that exists amongst us, that could create so much, is threatening to go untapped. It’s being wasted, squandered and lost. Our ability to live great lives, to create amazing things, to shape an amazing future is under serious threat and it has a serious and very personal consequences.


*In person coaching limited to Cape Town South Africa and subject to being able to find a mutually suitable time, otherwise online (Skype) coaching applies.